Growing Your Business Through Social Media

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Five Ways to better Leverage Social Media

Social media is a great tool for building your real estate business, but we see many people who either don’t use it or use it incorrectly. Today we want to share five pieces of advice for using social media in a way that will benefit your business:

    1. Focus on your personal accounts rather than making a business account. People don’t want any more ads on their Facebook feeds, so they won’t be inclined to follow your business account on top of your personal one. It’s nothing personal; they just don’t want to be spammed. Instead, weave your real estate business into your personal account. Make it a part of your life that you share with others.
    2. Expand your sphere of influence as much as possible. In other words, build as many connections as you can through your social media. If you only have 200 friends on your accounts, add more people. Did you know that around 3% of the population tends to be in the market for whatever it is that you happen to sell? For example, if you sold pencils and were friends with 100 people, that means three of those people would be interested in buying a pencil. That’s true of real estate as well; the more people you have in your sphere, the more likely you are to be friends with people who are looking to buy a house.

      “85% of people end up working with a Realtor they already know—your mission is to be that Realtor.”

    3. Segment your contact list according to potential clients or referral sources. Divide your sphere into categories that include those who might be willing to buy or sell with you someday. That way, you can arrange your newsfeed to only see the people who are potential clients or referral sources.
    4. Post about real estate two to three times a week. You might think that three per day would be the better bet, but I’ve found that sometimes, less is more. If you give your sphere a little bit of real estate each week, they’ll continue to be your friend, but if you overload them, you might push them away. Mix it in with posts about your life so that they know real estate is just another facet of who you are. Additionally, stay away from controversial topics like politics in your posts; you don’t want to alienate anyone.
    5. Make 10 to 20 light touches per day to all your connections. You can do simple things such as liking a friend’s post, commenting on a photo, wishing someone a happy birthday, and so on. That will help you stay top of mind. After all, 85% of people end up working with a Realtor they already know—your mission is to be that Realtor.

If you have any questions about how to leverage social media in your real estate business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email. We’d love to help you streamline your approach so that your business can thrive.

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