The Most Important Thing You Should Do This Week to Build Your Real Estate Business

If you would like to double your income over the next 12 months as a real estate agent, there's one thing you've got to do this week: Build Out Your Database! In this video, we will show you exactly how to do that, and then we will tell you what to do once you have your database in good shape!

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9 Steps To Building Your Realty Database

Our focus at Plum Tree Realty is to help our agents double their income year over year.  We have very specific strategies that we train our agents to develop in order to accomplish just that.  In this video we cover one of the most important starting points for doubling your income:  building out a database to 1,000 contacts.  Here are the quick steps for making that happen:

  1. Create a simple spreadsheet.
  2. Make a list of every person you know.
  3. Tap into social media to find additional contacts for your list.
  4. Fill in the contact details for every name in your spreadsheet.
  5. Cross-reference your spreadsheet with your social media contacts to make sure no one is missing.
  6. Make contact with every person on your list to get any missing data.
  7. Import your database to a CRM in order to automate your follow-up plans.
  8. Set each contact up with an MLS search for their neighborhood so they will receive 1-2 market updates each month for their community.
  9. Find ways to connect with everyone in your database every month.

Plum Tree Realty is a 100% commission, full-service real estate brokerage licensed in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida. Our model is unique in that our agents pay just $275 per month and then keep 100% of their commissions. Click the link to set up a confidential meeting with Chris Russell, our CEO.

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